August 2009, Volume 2, Issue 2

Welcome to the third issue of the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTS). I am pleased to say that the Journal is now abstracted/indexed in the British Education Index and EBSCO Publishing Education Research are currently processing the articles and uploading to their database. The Journal is currently under review by ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre) and the Social Science Citation Index for inclusion in their collections.
EJOLTS is pleased to be part of the International Conference ‘A Creative Approach to Teacher Education’ to be held in Požega, Croatia from September 28-30th 2009. In addition we are pleased to be connected with the International Conference in University Learning and Teaching InCULT: ISSUES FOR THE FUTURE to be held at the University of Hertfordshire, UK from 29-30 June 2010. We hope to publish articles from the Conferences.
We are delighted with the number of articles that have already been submitted to the Journal. We welcome your submissions. EJOLTS is committed to publishing the accounts of practitioner-researchers from a wide range of contexts that explain their educational influences in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations.
Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Editors and Reviewers for their support, dedication and commitment to this issue of EJOLTS. We would particularly like to thank the following people: Donna Allendar, Dr. Yves Bertrand, Professor Ladislav Bognar, Dr. Pip Bruce Ferguson, Catherine Dean, Dr. Jacqueline Delong, Tian Fenguin, Professor Moira Laidlaw, Dr.Jacqueline Scholes Rhodes, Dr. Ram Sing Punia, Dr.. Swaroop Rawal, Dr.Jane Spiro and Bernie Tobin.

Dr. Margaret Farren
Main Editor
Dublin City University


Foreword (pp.i-iii)
Jack Whitehead
Sally Aston
Marie Huxtable
Vehid Ibraković & Branko Bognar
Dot Jackson
Maria James