Developing Talents to Create and Offer Knowledge of the Self and the World as Educational Gifts

TitleDeveloping Talents to Create and Offer Knowledge of the Self and the World as Educational Gifts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHuxtable, M
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page43
Date Published08/2009
Type of ArticleLiving theory

I work as a senior educational psychologist in a small English authority developing and coordinating programmes intended to improve inclusive, personalised gifted and talented educational theory, practice and provision for the benefit of all learners. I am concerned with issues I believe are fundamental and critical to all education: to create offer, and accept knowledge of the self and the world as gifts; to be responsible for ones own learning, and to use the knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of the greater community.
Through the creation and offering of this multimedia living theory account as a gift I test the validity of my claim that I can hold myself publically accountable for improving my practice. I use an ecological, living approach to evaluation to inform and form my evolving creative educational practice.
In this paper I describe some of the complex ecology in which my work is located, clarify what I mean by creative educational practice, transformational CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and an ecological, living approach to accountability and describe and explain creative educational practice that exemplifies inclusive and inclusional gifted and talented education with an example of work with a teacher on the professional Masters programme. I conclude with what I have learned from creating this account.
I have learned how recognising the confusions and contradictions of explicit and implicit values in national strategies helps me work with what it offers to the development of creative educational practice.
I have deepened my understanding of theory, practice and provision that supports teachers and young people to develop and enhance their talents to create and offer their unique gifts as valued and valuable contributions to evolving a humane and sustainable world.

Short TitleDeveloping Talents
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