Milan Matijević's Reflections on the Conference

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Milan MatijevićI have participated in the preparations and carrying out of the international conference “Creative Approach in Teacher Education” which was held in Požega from 28th to 30th September this year. The very idea behind the conference setup made me think of it as a challenge for a new approach to the theme and the organisation of this conference. I strived to contribute to the conference with both my written work and active participation in order to justify the conference’s title, of which two crucial words were: creativity and teacher.
I was impressed by the whole scenario of events at the Conference, which made clear from the very beginning that it was dedicated to teachers, namely creative teachers. Every minute spent with the conference participants gave an opportunity for creative consideration of school and education. It was hard not to notice the joy of learning and expressing on the teachers’ faces. Numerous examples of teachers’ creative acts were shown, specifically by the display of creative expressions in various fields of education and schooling, ranging from art and music, hand made products and ideas for creative communication and creation in all other school fields and subjects.
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I hold a view that the participation of English and Irish experts has strongly marked the conference because foreign guests, with their texts and presentations, made other participants aware that they are doing some useful and interesting projects, which attract attention of foreign experts as well. However, on the basis of years-long research, I am aware that numerous teachers are reluctant in presenting publicly their products and activities. Participation of their ex-university professors is sometime a sufficient challenge for them to decide to present something in public.
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It is hard not to mention in this comment that after all, Bognar and Bognar have, from the very idea to the last minute, subtly pulled the strings behind all events. And they should be given full credit for conducting this so subtly that no one has either felt or noticed their invisible hand. This conference will be talked about for a long time, unlike others which you forget the moment you return to your home.
Prof. dr. Milan Matijević