Class journal as a possibility of encouraging pupils’ creativity

TitleClass journal as a possibility of encouraging pupils’ creativity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGavran, M
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page295
Date Published12/2009
Type of ArticlePractitioner research

This action research report details the development of pupils’ printed and web-based journals, the so-called class blog. The idea of recruiting students to create class journal came as a result of my personal aspirations to modernise my classes and bring them closer to the pupils’ scope of interest. The desire to gain a climate of freedom, openness and joy of staying at school was also behind the journal creation. In the entire process of creation the journal, the development of creativity had a prominent role.

Planning this action research, I emphasized the development of the written, visual and dramatic creativity as very important goals. All of the planned creative activities emerged as a result of these pre-set goals.

Through the implementation of the activities students have passed the full cycle - beginning with the creation of a story and plays, through the creation of sceneries, coulisses and puppets for the puppet play, and finally through the dramatization and staged class performances. The texts from the stories and plays as well as other texts and images created by the pupils were published in the printed journals.

The purpose of the entire process described in the article was to demonstrate that the creation of the class journal may be used to spur pupils' creativity. All activities described were integral to the teaching process, or in other words, the journal was the result of the pupils' creative activities and it reflected the happenings in the class – it mirrored the life of the class.

The report is also an account of a very good cooperation with critical friends who had a chance to monitor and comment on the implementation of the planned activities on the Internet forum and through the notes from my online research diary, which I kept on a regular basis.

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