Peter Mellett

Ancient history includes BSc chemistry (Nottingham) and Dip Ed (Bath) followed by 18 years as a secondary school chemistry teacher and then 11 years as a freelance science author/editor - a Bath MA in Education (specialising in Educational Technology, Organisation Theory and Action Research) was completed during this latter period. I worked at the University from 2000 to 2011 as Managing Editor for three Master's distance learning programmes (International Construction Management, Electrical Power Systems and Integrated Environmental Management), in which my role was to ensure the educational quality of the published teaching and learning materials that students use during their studies. Later interest was to develop 'blended learning' materials that combine the best aspects of printed text, web and other resources to form integrated educational packages. Now retired, I have been working with the ICM team to thoroughly revise the unit Consolidating Theory and Practice, and now occupy the role of tutor for that unit.
So far as Action Research is concerned, I have been orbiting at various distances around the Whiteheadian school for more than 20 years. During this period, I have collaborated in a wide range of AR initiatives, mostly with the Action Research group at Bath. The BERA review 'Educational Action Research within Teaching as a Research-based Profession' that I wrote in 2000 contains the best flavour of who I am and from where my point of view comes - see the opening pages at