Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLaidlaw, M
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JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published12/2013
Type of ArticleForeword

In offering this Foreword to EJOLTS’ Special Issue for publication in December 2013, I am mindful of Polanyi’s point about taking a decision to understand the world from my own point of view as an individual claiming originality and exercising judgement with universal intent (Polanyi 1958, p. 327).  I reflect first on some of the journal’s five-year history in order to contextualise what is being presented in this issue as individual living theories, representing a wider achievement in the contribution to Living Theory. I look at each article in turn and then comment on the publication as a whole. I use the concept of counterpoint (Laidlaw, 2008) to explain something of the dialectical insights of this Special Issue. I conclude by offering comments on the importance of living forms and their relationship to content and significance. The usual democratic processes of review developed in this journal ( also apply for the first time to the writing of this Foreword.

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