Liz Campbell

Liz CampbellLiz Campbell has over two decades of high school classroom teaching experience, as well as experience as a lead teacher for a local school board in rural Ontario. She is currently working in a day treatment program with students identified with mental health issues. Liz is also completing a PhD in Educational Sustainability at Nipissing University in North Bay. In addition, she is currently co-facilitating Living Theory, action research workshops for Bluewater educational practitioners. She is passionate about inclusive, holistic, democratic education and believes that fostering a loving culture of inquiry creates an environment where diversity is honoured and all students have the opportunity to flourish. She describes the ideal learning environment as a co-created space for alternative (authentic) knowing, researching, and representing and as co-researchers the learners in her care embark on a journey of discovery through living theory action research projects. Time, trust, respect and freedom are key values in her living theory, which she honours by loving her students into learning. As Liz negotiates the mandates and policies of public education (The Ontario Ministry of Education and Bluewater District School Board) she continues to develop her own living theory to address the spiritual crisis she believes inhibits learning. It is the sustainability of Living Theory action research, her new role as grandmother of two, and her faith in human kind that inspires her to continue researching and writing with the hope of contributing to a shift in education that addresses this spiritual crisis.