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Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSpiro, J
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JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published06/2014
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Welcome to the June 2014 issue of EJOLTS, which includes four richly varied author voices, writing from South Africa, India, USA and UK, with young children in school and in vulnerable out-of-school settings, in higher education, and in teacher education. This issue also introduces two new regular features, a book review and review of living-theories theses and dissertations. The introduction starts with a brief summary of the individual voices found in this rich mix, and then explores what the shared systems and messages are which unite them as living-theories to which this journal gives its name. Jack Whitehead, (June 2nd 2014) in dialogue about the term ‘Living Theories’, wrote “I like the distinction between Living Educational Theory as a conceptual form of understanding that allows for a shared understanding in our use of concepts, and a living-educational-theory that refers to an individual's unique explanation for their educational influences in learning”. To unpack this explanation, I shall ask in this editorial: what are these shared understandings as they emerge from the papers in this issue? What are these unique explanations as offered by each author in this issue?

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