December 2014, Volume 7, Issue 2

Paulo Mellett died in June 2014 from malaria. Working worldwide with regenerative community-based projects, he illustrated what it is to be a global citizen – through the expression of his values and his contribution to the form of Living Theory research that concerns us in EJOLTS:
…A core concept in permaculture is the web of life. It is nourished and maintained by multiple, interconnected beneficial relationships. There is no web of life in industrial agriculture monocultures. We must work together in balance to regenerate our world and heal the damage that has been done – a process that can and will re-humanise us, teaching and informing us and acting as a conduit to natural intelligence. This is an essential lifeline to those in the modern world. I strive to be a gardener. (Paulo Mellett 1979–2014)
There is a powerful metaphor here because we all live and work in 'industrial agriculture monocultures'. We hope you will find Paulo's living legacy (accessible from and provides plenty of food for thought and action for researchers living and working in diverse places, cultures and fields of enquiry who are seeking to live and research their life-affirming and life-enhancing values as fully as they can in practice.

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Jacqueline Delong

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