Transcending colonising influences across cultural boundaries: A continuing journey of lifelong learning

TitleTranscending colonising influences across cultural boundaries: A continuing journey of lifelong learning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAdler-­Collins, JK
Refereed DesignationRefereed
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page32
Date Published12/2014
Type of Articleliving theory

The paper, grounded in the development of a national B.Sc. curriculum in Health, narrates the challenges and learning gained from living my values as they evolved through my praxis as an international nurse educator. In past publications, I have explained my work in the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand and China. In this article I bring those learnings to my work and research in Oman. It is a multi-dimensional account that integrates different data stories. It shares the art, science, and craft of nursing alongside medical science and the biological models, which need to be holistically merged into an educational and skills process that is not driven by power, is not colonizing, and generates new collaborative forms of knowledge. The text engages with my local context where I modify my knowledge and understandings of the Arabic culture in which I work. I show that the complexities require an openness to dissolving boundaries of nursing scholarship and practice across borders. This offers a glimpse of the dynamics of global citizenship. In Oman, higher education and the traditional values of nursing are moving away from their dependence on the medical model for its authority of knowing. Nurse education is changing rapidly. Such a process required a shift in the balance of theory and practice. It is a challenge for life for international nurse educators.

Short TitleTranscending colonising influences across cultural boundaries
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