Mark Potts

Mark PottsI have been a professional practitioner in education for 33 years. I taught in a number of state schools in the UK for 30 years. For eight of those years I was Deputy Headteacher in a secondary school. The main subjects that I taught were Economics and Business.
During my time as Deputy Head I was responsible for the professional development of all staff and as such organised and then ran Masters level courses for practising teachers in my own school and other local schools.
My interest in Living Educational Theory was sparked by Jack Whitehead when he came to deliver MA sessions at my school. I subsequently completed my Masters degree at the University of Bath and then my PhD at Bath Spa University, which you can access from My research focused on international educational partnerships and citizenship education. Subsequently I co-authored a book in 2014, International Education and Development and Learning through Sustainable Partnerships – Living Global Citizenship: with Jack and Steven Coombs in which we explored the original notions of Living Global Citizenship and Cultural Empathy. I seek to live out my values of social justice, equality and humanity in my life and work.