Arianna Briganti

Arianna BrigantiHugo Slim while talking to a group of ICRC’s (International Committee of the Red Cross) workers in 2004 argued: ‘I have been hearing terrible things about humanitarianism […], so I was much more relieved to see my 30 humanitarians […] very committed, a bit troubled, self-critical, sceptical, affectionate, tolerant, practical and humorous.’ This is the best description I would use to explain my motivation and my passion for the humanitarian field, that 12 years led me to join the international development field.
I’m a development practitioner specialised in sustainable development including horizontal inequalities, poverty- reduction strategies, cultural heritage preservation and peace building. Throughout my professional life I have worked and lived in various developing countries such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Georgia. I currently work and live in Albania.
The scope of my profession is to contribute to the establishment of human capabilities that encourage innovative forms of personal and social evolution, rooted in freedom. As a Living Theory researcher I have the chance to strengthen my own capabilities in the attempt to live my values fully and contribute to the building of a fairer world.