June 2016, Volume 9, Issue 1

Since EJOLTs began we have continually tried to evolve processes and procedures to enable practitioner-researchers to create and contribute academically rigorous, valid accounts of their values-based explanations of their educational influence in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of social formations (their living-educational-theories). Living Theory researchers have also sought to contribute to the growth and influence of Living Theory research as a social movement. To these ends authors, reviewers, and members of the Editorial Board and Development Team are continuing to develop their democratic ways of working together to create papers that meet the criteria for publishing in EJOLTS.
We believe the conversations in the Community Space and the Open Review Space show the evolution and influence of the educational relationships developed in the creation of papers and the published papers illustrate the contribution Living Theory research makes, in diverse cultural and physical contexts and fields of practice, to the evolution of a new educational epistemology that contributes to the flourishing of humanity. Looking back through previous issues and now dipping into this issue we hope you will see evidence to support this claim and feel encouraged to work with us to continue to make progress – and find and share a smile in the process.

Foreword (pp. i-iv)
Swaroop Rawal
Rushita Ukani and Swaroop Rawal
Neema  Parekh
Brian K. Jennings
Book reviews
Moira Laidlaw
Judith McBride
Pip Bruce Ferguson