Sonia Hutchison

Sonia HutchisonI am currently studying part-time at the University of Cumbria working on my Ph.D. as part of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. I am researching my own practice enquiring into the question 'How does my lived experience, from being ‘a child in care’ to being a leader of a carers’ charity, sustain the hope that I can be the change I want to see in the world? My research is rooted in my leadership of a local UK carers' charity which has tripled in size over the last 7 years and as Development Executive of a small national UK charity supporting young carers with ambition and tenacity to succeed. I am also enquiring into how I have come to be a success in my career after starting off life in foster care where statistical predictions for life chances have remained stubbornly low.
I have taken my research around the world presenting in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Italy and the UK. You can read more at where I have presented the paper I have included a link to the video of my presentation at the beginning of the paper.