June 2017, Volume 10, Issue 1

Since December 2016 we have continued working to develop our democratic ways of creating EJOLTs together. 2018 heralds the 10th anniversary of EJOLTs. The process for reviewing our journey over the last 10 years, to learn from the past to inform the future, will be developed over the next few months through conversation, including those in the EJOLTs Community Space, (accessed from http://ejolts.org), which we invite you to participate in.
We are also working on content for the December 2017 issue so please continue to submit papers. You will see review conversations of past papers in ‘published papers’ and those ‘in progress’ in ‘submitted papers’, both accessible from http://ejolts.org.
We continue to develop opportunities for you to share your Living Theory research and projects in the form of living-posters. Visit the current living-posters homepage to see those already being offered and learn how to contribute you own.
Finally, a member of our community is helping to organise the 42nd annual conference of the ATEE (Association for Teacher Education in Europe), 23-25 October, 2017. We hope that you might be able to have a presence at this, and other conferences, through your living-poster even if you are not able to participate in person.

Peter Mellett
Ben Cunningham & Moira Laidlaw
Caitriona McDonagh and Bernie Sullivan
Jacqueline Delong
Swaroop Rawal
Book reviews
Marie Huxtable
Ken Masters and Jack Whitehead
Living-theory theses and dissertations
Swaroop Rawal
Jack Whitehead
Jack Whitehead