Editorial Foreword

TitleEditorial Foreword
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWhitehead, J
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JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published06/2018
Type of Articleforeword
AbstractI am particularly delighted to write this foreword as 2018 marks the 10thth anniversary year of the publication of EJOLTS. I am following Caitriona McDonagh's foreword to our last issue in which Caitriona shared the personal insights that she had gained from EJOLTS related to issues of continuous professional learning, contextual awareness, learning communities, questioning curricula and collaborative writing. Each of these issues is strengthened and deepened in this issue with Living Theory research from South Africa, Australia, Canada and Ethiopia. EJOLTS' focus on the living-theories of practitioner- researchers remains highly relevant in today's turbulent world. I am thinking of the relevance of generating and sharing values-based explanations for educational influences in our own learning, the learning of others and in the learning of the social formations that influence our practice and understandings. These explanations are created in explorations of the implications of asking, researching and answering questions of the kind 'How do I improve what I am doing'. The values used as explanatory principles are relational and ontological in the sense that they give meaning and purpose to the lives of individuals and groups. They are values that carry hope for the future of humanity, such as love, freedom, justice, compassion, courage, care and democracy. I believe that this issue of EJOLTS will stimulate you to create, share and evolve your own living-educational-theory.
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