Book review: Learning communities in educational partnerships: Action research as transformation

TitleBook review: Learning communities in educational partnerships: Action research as transformation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMounter, J
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page101
Date Published06/2018
Type of Articlebook review
AbstractMy pleasure and interest in this book on learning communities in educational partnerships is because of the way the book embraces the interplay between theory, research and practice and makes it relevant and engaging to me as a practitioner. It provides a narrative exploring how to create nurturing spaces for research where a critical and questioning disposition is expected in a framework of equality. The book explores the experiences of the authors as researchers in different learning communities, as well as setting up learning communities, which brings a depth of knowledge, understanding and perspectives and an 'authenticity' to their voices. Following a foreword, glossary (which is helpful) and introduction, the book is organised into four sections, one per author who writes two chapters each. Before concluding, the book has a chapter entitled, 'What's in it for me', which looks from the perspective of participating teachers, teacher educators and leaders. The conclusion summarises the understandings of the authors and the reader through the journey of their writing, that 'this is the end of our book and not the end of our learning journey'. The authors believe and espouse the principle of, 'contributive social justice', encouraging all readers to gain confidence in their own abilities and to find the freedom of critical reflection and action research within a setting of equality. This book is a starting point of collaboration and cooperation as readers are invited in the closing sentences of the book, to join and to share their reflections, thoughts and narrative with the authors and other researchers online, through their website. book has, 'Reflective Opportunity', sections throughout with questions to engage the reader in this co-creational space of reflection and learning and has encouraged me to share my thoughts through the web link above.
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