Learning to Feel the Presence of Kairos: My Living Theory Account

TitleLearning to Feel the Presence of Kairos: My Living Theory Account
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHocknell-Nickels, J
Refereed DesignationRefereed
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published12/2018
Type of ArticleLiving Theory
AbstractThis paper offers an account of my on-going learning and professional practice as a LivingTheorist systemic coach. I also clarify my understanding and meaning of my learning and development, starting from my values and my living standards of judgement (Laidlaw, 1996). I authentically share what being a Living-Theorist systemic coach means to me in that coaching capacity. Writing in this way strengthens and resources me to meet the challenges of this role. It helps me to make sense of my experiences. By writing in this way I open-up my learning to critical reflection with the hope that this will, in turn, create space for life-affirming dialogical relationships (Isaacs, 1999). I focus on my professional practice as a systemic coach serving an Information Technology directorate within a United Kingdom Government agency. I share my values in action, with different data sources to ensure the paper is authentic. I share my learning as both a process-in-action through cycles of inquiry and then as a deeper more reflective piece in the summary. I hope this helps the reader to understand what I have learned as well as how I came about this new knowledge. This learning may have important implications for others that are seeking to create similar participative and productive spaces. My practice involves the four principles of being a systemic coach. The principles of a systemic coach include: having a paradoxical non-attachment to any specific outcome; being loyal to the whole system; and balancing challenge and support in the process of what is emergent. My embodied value in this work is my loving kindness that I seek to demonstrate by creating the right environment or safe container. From this space people I care about can more easily enter dialogue, co-inquiry and co-learning. This paper focusses on one key workshop that I called the whole system event. This workshop seemed to me to embody my learning.
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