Living Hope and Creativity as Educational Standards of Judgement

TitleLiving Hope and Creativity as Educational Standards of Judgement
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLaidlaw, M
Refereed DesignationRefereed
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page27
Date Published12/2018
Type of ArticleLiving Theory
AbstractThis paper explains a transition between the writing of educational stories and harnessing their innate values within the work I am currently engaged in as a tutor at the Open University on a module for the Development Management M.Sc.. I offer two stories about my classroom-practice in the 1980s to illustrate the educational significance of creativity and hope as I perceive them now. I then show the development of my understanding of the educational processes involved in making links between hope and creativity and clarifying them as living educational standards of judgment and explanatory principles. I show how I use my understanding of hope and creativity in my present educational practices with two students and clarify further my understanding of the relational dynamic between hope and creativity as I continue to clarify and communicate their meanings as explanatory principles and living educational standards of judgment. Most significantly for this paper, I am claiming an epistemological significance in clarifying and communicating the relationally-dynamic meanings of hope and creativity that emerge from my practice. This paper is also being presented as an expression of the hope I gain in working with colleagues through EJOLTS and to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 2018.
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