Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth CampbellI am a retired high school teacher and I am currently teaching in the Master of Education programs at the University of Prince Edward Island (Global Perspectives and Leadership in Learning cohorts). Although I am presently living in Prince Edward Island, I now call Cape Breton, Nova Scotia home. I moved to beautiful Cape Breton two years ago with my husband from a small town in Ontario. Prior to that, I lived in Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta but I was born in Dundee, Scotland.
I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and if all goes well, I will be blessed with more grandchildren. My own grandchildren and all children across the globe are the motivation for what I do now. I believe that every human being, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, culture or socioeconomic status, deserves an authentic learning experience. Unfortunately, I do not think that our public education systems are doing all they can to provide such experiences. In fact, I believe that in spite of our good intentions we are doing more harm than good by trying to reform public education to a one size fits all curriculum regardless of how creative we are about being inclusive and implementing project and/or problem based learning, self-directed learning, and integrated learning. However, I also believe there is hope for change.
My own experience completing a PhD in Educational Sustainability and my experiences teaching at the university level and providing professional development for new and veteran teachers validated my belief in hope for change. I have witnessed the transformative power of values based, self-study, action research to provide a way forward to revolutionize our current understanding of what counts as learning and education. I am honoured to work with the Ejolts team and others who are committed to collaborative, creative, critical change that provides an opportunity for the flourishing of humanity.
Finally and most importantly, I believe that learning founded on love is the solution for the problems that plague our world today. My definition of love is the willingness to embrace and act on the idea that everyone and everything is interconnected.