Anne Jesudason

Anne Jesudason

I completed Bachelor of Nursing (1991) in India and due to my interest in education I continued to pursue Masters in Maternity Nursing (2001).  During my masters, I have done the module on administration and education.  From April 1995 to May 2005, I have been involved in various roles of midwifery and nursing education. I have 8 years experience of undergraduate midwifery and Nursing education in both clinical and academic setting.

In 2005 I started my career in the CWIUH as a midwife, later due to my interest in education; I pursued the role of Clinical placement Co-ordinator, which involved supporting students to achieve their learning outcomes in the clinical area. This role enlightened my understanding of the education system in Ireland.

My fascination towards technology and passion for education led me to undertake my Masters in Education and Training (e-learning strand) at Dublin City University (2011). It was my aspiration that my learning in DCU would provide me with the opportunities to learn and experience the latest in learning technologies and develop my theoretical basis of learning, thereby enabling me to contribute to the future educational and technological developments in my organisation.

After completing Masters in education and training, I have been actively involved developing videos, e-learning module for the courses in Centre for Midwifery Education. In order to gain more confidence in classroom teaching, I undertook the graduate certificate in healthcare education at University College Dublin (2015). During the course I gained experience in teaching undergraduate students (both theory and clinical), health care assistants, qualified Midwives and Nurses. I was able to implement various teaching strategies and evaluate the benefits of them.

I am interested in using technology to increase the effectiveness of midwifery and nursing practice. This has led to my career in educating midwives and nurses in the utilisation of various software applications. At present I am employed as a project manager involved in the implementation of the learning Management system. In my role I am more involved and enthusiastic in training midwives and nurses in the use of the learning management system.