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TitleEditorial Foreword
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHuxtable, M
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JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published12/2019
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I believe that readers and contributors to EJOLTs share my passion for generating and contributing knowledge to a global educational practitioner researcher knowledgebase with the hope that, in doing so, we add to the possibility of bringing into being a world where humanity flourishes. By that I mean a world where what flourishes is the humanity of us individually and together, living and learning as distinct yet indivisible parts of a complex relationally dynamic ecology of local and global social formations. I also mean a world where Humanity, as a species, flourishes in a world that evolves in dynamic tensions with all that comprise it. The papers in this edition each show the contribution that Living Theory research as ‘process’, and living-educational-theories as ‘product’, have made to enhancing the lives and learning of individuals and local and global communities with hope for the flourishing of humanity.

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