A self-enquiry: Towards the development of my living-educational-theory research

TitleA self-enquiry: Towards the development of my living-educational-theory research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCarozzi, G
Refereed DesignationRefereed
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page36
Date Published12/2019
Type of Articleliving theory

This article is intended as an account of my educational journey that led me from being a passive learner to become the researcher of my own learning processes. I explore two of my relationally-dynamic values (Laidlaw, 2018a) for which I wish my work to be held accountable: hope and responsibility. By looking back at the three years spent studying for the M.Sc. in Development Management (DM) and the few months that followed the submission of my dissertation, I disclose the difficulties, the struggles and the joys of slowly becoming the subject of my own enquiry. The interaction I have with DM as a discipline slowly shifts from being a passive relationship to becoming a living ontological dimension in my enquiry. This leads me to recognise and appreciate the importance of the aesthetic stance in my encounter with inspirational reads. Moving from the growing emergence of ontological questions, a developing sense of being a living contradiction, and the engagement with the aesthetic dimensions of my own reading experience, I present the subsequent stage of my research: the writing of my Ph.D. proposal in Living Theory research. In it, I stress the necessity to start my research from a self-enquiry, intended as the search for and understanding of my own ‘I’. I see the values of hope and responsibility as central in the development of my self-enquiry, which is contributing to the development of my own living-educational-theory research. This offers me the opportunity to consider values as explanatory principles in the explanation of the meanings of my actions; it also requires me to engage in a central Living Theory research question, ‘how can I improve my practice?’, which I have found to be linked with issues regarding selfindividualization and self-definition (Jung, 1962).

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