June 2020, Volume 13, Issue 1

This issue of EJOLTs has been published at a moment in time when we are experiencing a pandemic, COVID-19. Around the globe people are being placed in 'lockdown', which individuals are experiencing in different ways; some with a sense of isolation from humans, other animals and nature, others with a sense of developing new connections within their local communities. While people around the world are being urged by their community leaders to distance themselves physically from others to reduce the spread of the virus, others are encouraging protest marches, such as 'Black Lives Matters', to get their voice heard. Where-ever situated, and variously phrased a common question is emerging, 'what sort of world do we want to live in?'. A question that is common to those engaged in Living Educational Theory research and publishing in EJOLTs is, ‘how do we improve our practice as global citizens as our individual and collective contributions to bringing into being a world of human flourishing?'.



Jacqueline Delong