June 2021, Volume 14, Issue 1

This issue of EJOLTs offers a valuable resource for all who want to develop their knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research to realise their overarching aspiration of contributing to the flourishing of Humanity and helping others do so too. The June 2021 is a Special Issue; special for a number of reasons: It was created as a collaborative effort by authors of the Editorial Foreword and the papers as they worked together to create an overview of:
  • The enhancement of the quality of intellectual and scholarly, educational discourse
  • The interest of EJOLTs to, and impact on, an international professional audience
  • The contribution made to the development of knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory research.
The process whereby the content of this Special Issue was created by individual authors working cooperatively to make their unique contribution to a coherent whole is revealed. The individual papers of the issue provides illustrative examples of content of the journal that runs between two poles: at one end are the predominantly living-educational-theory accounts which are the educational practitioners' valid explanations of their educational influence in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of social formations; at the other end, critiques of and contributions to Living Educational Theory Research as a distinct research paradigm predominate. The appendix to the Editorial Foreword builds on a basic definition of Living Educational Theory Research to clarify and extend its meaning in association with other words such as inquiry, researcher, account, etc. So much packed into just one issue – this is a very Special Issue to return to many, many times.



Editorial Foreword (pp. i-xvi)
Moira Laidlaw & Peter Mellett