December 2021, Volume 14, Issue 2

This is the fourth issue of EJOLTs to be published during the pandemic – how time flies! With fewer opportunities for meeting people in the physical world human beings, being the social creative animals we are, are creating new opportunities to meet, cooperate and communicate in the virtual world. An example is the recent webinar run in cooperation with other journals focussed by a shared commitment to making public values-led research for systemic change, which contributes to the flourishing of Humanity (you can access a recording from
Not withstanding the global challenges we are all facing, EJOLTs has continued to publish valid accounts of living-educational-theory research and contributions to Living Educational Theory Research (visit for what distinguishes between living-educational-theory research and Living Educational Theory Research). The accounts published by EJOLTs are created by practitioner-researchers working around the world with a common purpose. That common purpose is to engage in values-led research for systemic change, which contributes to the flourishing of Humanity. The practitioner-researchers publishing in EJOLTs are not only concerned to contribute to the flourishing of humanitarian values in their local and national communities. They are also concerned to contribute their knowledge to an educational knowledgebase which all may draw on to bring into being a world where Humanity flourishes as a global social formation, which transcends time and place.
I hope as you read this latest issue and explore the archive you will find inspirations to enrich your own enterprise. I also hope you might feel moved to submit your valid account of your living-educational-theory research to EJOLTs and help to grow the archive for others to take inspiration from – for the benefit of us all, wherever and whenever we live.



Jack Whitehead
Javier Gonzalez, Jill Farrell & Stephanie Auguste