June 2022, Volume 15, Issue 1

What can be learned from the novel experiences the last couple of years dealing with the pandemic has offered? What might help us each to realise our very best intent of learning to live more humanely, a satisfying, productive and worthwhile life for our selves and others?


The isolation of the last couple of years has highlighted the importance for individuals and communities to literally see they are not alone as they engage in values-led research. During the lockdown we were not able to ‘see’ others in, for example, place-based conferences. Connecting with people through video conferencing opened new possibilities, though seeing people from the neck up in two dimensions on a screen full of ‘boxes’ has its limitations. Other ways have been developed to enable people to ‘see’ themselves in not only local communities but also to see they are in a global context and part of conversations, which transcend time and place. For example, explore the ‘living-posters homepage’ to be found on the right hand menu of https://actionresearch.net/; explore the contents of EJOLTs.


As you read the content of this latest issue, and dip into the archive, I hope you see you are not alone and you find energy and ideas that excite your imagination as to how you might improve your values-led practice. I also hope you experience the generosity of the authors freely offering what they have learned and feel inspired to not only generate valid accounts of your living-educational-theories but to also offer them as gifts for readers of EJOLTs, and help others to do so too. In the process we each help to bring a bit more humanity into the world, which is the purpose of the whole exercise.



Brian Williamson