December 2022, Volume 15, Issue 2

As EJOLTs is an online journal it is not constrained by having to gather content to meet printing-press deadlines. So, the Editorial Board decided that 2022, volume 15, issue 2 would be the last ‘time bound’ issue. The EJOLTs publishing criteria remains the same and papers will still be subjected to a rigorous review process. However, in future content will be published as soon as the Editorial Board accepts and prepares it for publication. We hope you the change will enable you to look forward to creating and submitting accounts of your Living Educational Theory Research without the pressure of inappropriate deadlines.

The EJOLTs Editorial Board continues to be very keen to publish high quality papers and to support professional practitioner educational researchers to develop their knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research in the process. If you need help have a look on the 'advice for authors' page and contact us - EJOLTS editor - and we will do whatever we can to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping you will be submitting your paper very soon. EJOLTs Editorial Board



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