December 2022, Volume 15, Issue 2

A great deal has changed since EJOLTs was launched 14 years ago in December 2008:

  • Living Educational Theory Research is now well established and recognised as a distinct form of professional practitioner educational research paradigm and methodology. For example: universities around the world have legitimated numerous Living Educational Theory Research doctorates, some of which can be accessed from; The first International Living Educational Theory Research Online Conference was held in 2020; A global Living Educational Theory Research community is growing, which can be accessed from the ‘living-posters homepage on


  • The Educational Journal of Living Theories, EJOLTs is also now well established, with papers and reviews of books and theses contributing to the growth, not only of knowledge of Living Educational Theory Research but also to its practice locally and globally. Members of the Development Team and Editorial Board have been committed to developing cooperative ways of creating EJOLTs together. One consequence has been to extend the review process to: improve the academic, intellectual and scholarly rigour of papers; the contribution they make to the development of a global educational knowledgebase; and enhance the educational experience and opportunities for learning of authors, reviewers and others.

Since 2008 there have been many developments in both the physical and virtual worlds accelerated by the need for people and nations to work together to deal with the global covid pandemic and global crises, such as climate change, and the destruction and pollution of our planets ecosystem. A major development that impacts EJOLTs is that of technology and its use. EJOLTs has been constrained by following the practice of paper-published journals and gathered content to publish issues twice a year. A decision has now been made to break with that tradition and publish papers on as soon as they have been accepted and prepared by the Editorial Board for publication.


This issue marks this change and the creation of an index to the contents of previous issues, which you download and searched at your convenience. EJOLTs is very keen to publish high quality papers and to support professional practitioner educational researchers to develop their knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research in the process. If you need help have a look on the 'advice for authors' page and contact us - EJOLTS editor <ejolt[email protected]> - and we will do whatever we can to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping you will be submitting your paper very soon. EJOLTs Editorial Board



Editorial Foreword (pp. i-vii)
Peter Mellett, Jack Whitehead, Moira Laidlaw & Marie Huxtable
Aislinn Kennedy
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