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TitleEditorial Foreword
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsMellett, P1Whitehead, J1Laidlaw, M1Huxtable, M
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JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
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Date Published12/2022
Type of ArticleForeword

This issue heralds the change of EJOLTs from publishing papers gathered twice a year to publishing papers as soon as they are accepted and prepared for publication by the Editorial Board.

The journal was established in 2008. Although published solely as a web-based journal the tradition of paper-published journals was followed, that is papers were gathered to publish in an issue at predetermined times of the year. Since then technology and its use has been developed to enable practitioners to better realise their professional responsibilities. These include researching into their practice to understand and improve it and creating valid accounts of their educational influences in learning, and to contribute the educational knowledge they generate in the process to the growth of a global educational knowledge base that everyone can benefit from. Knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research and EJOLTs procedures have also developed since 2008.

The paper by Kennedy, which is included in this issue, exemplifies the result of some of the key developments that have evolved since 2008. Changing to publishing papers ‘as and when’ ready will enable us to use what we have learned to best effect. The key developments we are focussed on here are those which have emerged from our cooperative learning to improve our knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research and contribute to the development of EJOLTs publishing criteria and procedures for producing content which are fit for purpose, that is to enable EJOLTs to realise its values-laden raison d'être.

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