2023, Volume 16


2023 has seen the transition from gathering paper to form issues published twice a year, to publishing papers as soon as accepted and prepared for publication.

Living Educational Theory Research is not a quick fix. Sometimes the last phase of the research, which involves creating, testing and making public knowledge, is an iterative, reflexive process that influences practice and gives rise to new understandings. This continues after an account has successfully gone through blind-review when the author works with a review team to hone their account in the open review stage. Preparing an account of Living Educational Theory Research often takes more time than other methodologies, which involves a simpler process of 'writing up'. We hope the change from publishing papers at pre-specified times of the year, to publishing papers when ready, enables practitioners to find creating and contributing accounts of their Living Educational Theory Research to EJOLTs a more educational, pleasurable and useful experience. We also hope that you will enjoy exploring the growing EJOLTs archive, which you can access from the archive.



Jack Whitehead and Marie Huxtable
Mohd Syafiq Aiman Mat Noor