Tian Fengjun


Tian FengjunI was born in Haiyuan in the northwest of China, a rural town two hours from Guyuan, where Ningxia Teachers University (NTU) is situated. Born to Hui (Moslem) parents during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) I learned a lot from their loving care to me. Despite the turbulent times, they paid close attention to my learning not only about knowledge but in terms my moral and social responsibilities. After graduating from Xi’an International Studies University I came back to Guyuan Teachers College (NTU) first as an English teacher and later as dean of the Foreign Languages Department. Even here my parents’ influence was steadfast: they guided me in terms of building solid working relationships with colleagues and in how to resolve conflicts. I found I loved my job, my students and education and resolved to do all I could for this area of China. At the beginning of the week I come to work delighted that it is Monday morning because then everything is possible and it is all in the future! With our Action Research Centre I believe there is a greater opportunity for learning and research and for improving the quality of education we are providing at NTU.

One of my chief goals is to help maximise educational opportunities for all our people.