Jacqueline Scholes-Rhodes


Jacqueline Scholes-RhodesMy initial research (PhD 2002) helped me step into a place that could nurture the differing qualities of intention and attention that I sensed were key to my own transformation – and inevitably the transformation of my practice. The journey itself emerged as the framework for my practice, and I now hold the ‘art of dialogic inquiry’ centrally in my coaching work. More significantly though I was able to presence a sense of “exquisite connectivity” that has given such a powerful expression to my life’s energy that I now constantly strive to be present to my clients from this connected place.
After five years of searching for a space in which I felt I could continue to grow I left the professional services firm I joined in 2004 and set up my own coaching business at the end of 2007. By the end of 2008 I will have extended my work to include coach supervision. I also belong to the faculty of executive coaches at the global coaching firm Praesta Partners. Most of my clients are either leaders of substantial businesses or represent a generation of future leaders and emerging talent.
I have a strong personal belief in the ability of individuals and groups to continually learn and adapt through self-inquiry and reflection. I also strive to be fully appreciative of each individual’s unique story and sense-making. Much of my coaching is about helping explore the dynamic interplay of personal, group and organisational values. I have a specific interest in working with individuals and groups who wish to explore the qualities of effective partnering and relationship, and am increasingly working with a systemic model of coaching that aims to address all aspects of the connected whole.
Even more broadly, I’m reflecting on the broader possibilities inherent in our coaching conversations, and am considering the possibility that through these conversations we might catalyse a groundswell of connected individuals who together might aspire to create fluid, self-transforming organisations where human connectivity is core.
I have provided coaching and consultancy for over ten years to support global business transformation, M&A activity, board-level succession planning, global talent pool development and personal change strategies. After an early career in IT consultancy and marketing I switched career focus to manage major change programmes in the technology and financial services sectors, both as a coach and consultant. I later joined Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK where I led the post-merger review and implementation of the people development strategy before joining the global talent development firm Korn/Ferry International as an executive coach and assessor in their Leadership Development practice.
I constantly seek to play an influential role in the future development of coaching as a professional practice, and have been elected Director of Professional Development for the International Coaching Federation (UK chapter) for 2009-2010. I’m also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s Special Interest Group in Research.