Co-creating an educational space

TitleCo-creating an educational space
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFarren, M
JournalEducational Journal of Living Theories
Start Page50
Date Published10/2008
Type of ArticleLiving theory

In this paper, I generate my living educational theory as an explanation of my educational influences in learning as I research my tutoring with practitioner-researchers from a variety of workplace backgrounds. I will show how I have closely inter-related the teaching, learning and research processes by providing opportunities for participants to accept responsibility for their own learning and to develop their capacity as learners and researchers. My Ph.D. inquiry ‘How can I create a pedagogy of the unique through a web of betweenness?’ (Farren, 2006) was integral to the development of my own Higher Education teaching practice as I clarified the meaning of my embodied values in the course of their emergence in practice. I try to provide an educational space where individuals can create knowledge in collaboration with others. I believe dialogue is fundamental to the learning process. It is a way of opening up to questions and assumptions rather than accepting ready-made solutions. The originality of the contribution is in the constellation of values and understandings I use as explanatory principles in generating my explanations of educational influence. This constellation includes the unusual combination of an educational response to the flow of energy and meaning in Celtic spirituality and the educational opportunities for learning opened up by digital technology.

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